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Interest Rates

Those words run a chill down anyones spine; mainly because we never know where interest rates are headed. 

As we stand, interest rates are fine and doing what they have always done, fluctuate. People have talked about "the coming storm" and that we should beware of upcoming issues. However, people have failed to realize that we are actually coming back from a pandemic. The fact is, interest rates needed to return to normal. 

Interest rates have always done this. Remember those "stimulus checks" we received a while back? Well, they needed to be "paid back". Some people are waiting for the right interest rate or the right home price. Fact of the matter, we have never seen a home price go back down to a "normal number". For that matter, we have never really seen home prices drop in San Antonio. Home values and rates have only gone up. 

It's a great time to buy! Below, check out the current interest rate as of today.

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